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Why choose Certified Hereford Beef®?

Hereford Beef Tastes Better

Certified Hereford Beef uses only Hereford and Hereford crossbred cattle, genetically proven to produce better beef.  These are cattle that have been bred for taste since the 1700's and were virtually all you'd have found in the beef supply of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, the golden era of great tasting beef.
Cattle ranchers around the world have long known great tasting beef doesn't come from great cooking or great grilling; it comes from great cattle. They reckoned you had to start out with good stock to get a good steak.  It turns out they were right.

Proven To Be Better Beef
In 1991, the American Hereford Association, the nation's oldest pedigree livestock organization, undertook history's most ambitious and comprehensive cattle breed study to measure the quality advantage of Hereford cattle.  Colorado State University researchers wanted to learn first hand how Hereford beef rates in the minds and mouths of trained taste-testers.  The results showed Hereford beef was superior in every category. When it comes to taste, tenderness, and juiciness, Hereford is naturally better beef.
Certified Quality Beef
Quality is a delivered promise with Certified Hereford Beef, a beef that provides a satisfying eating experience every time.  All Certified Hereford Beef is individually evaluated and certified by USDA meat graders for marbling, maturity, leanness and color. 

Consistent Great Taste 
Certified Hereford Beef is proven to be tender, juicy and flavorful, time-after-time.

All Certified Hereford Beef comes from cattle fed a vegetarian, grain diet.  Today, Certified Hereford Beef comes from the same corn-fed Hereford and Hereford crossbred cattle the 1950s brought forth during the golden age of great tasting beef.