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Products listed here are either Special Order only (contact us) or from The Texas Tamale Warehouse
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Boneless Leg of Lamb - 4.5 pounds -- Easter and Passover SpecialBoneless Leg of Lamb - 4.5 pounds -- Easter and Passover SpecialThese boneless leg of lamb are an Australian product from both New Zealand and Australian lamb.  Perfect for Easter, Passover, or any other special dinner occasion.  (Picture is a serving suggestion.  Leg meat is not sliced.)
Gourmet Pork Tamales - One DozenGourmet Pork Tamales - One DozenOne dozen of the finest Handmade Pork Tamales, slightly spicy. With Ancho Chili peppers.
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Pork TamalesSix delicious homemade pork tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Gourmet Sausage Potato Tamales - One DozenGourmet Sausage Potato Tamales - One Dozen
One dozen Pork Sausage and Potato Tamales, perfect for Breakfast.
One Half-Dozen (6) Sausage Potato Tamales
Six pork sausage potato tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Gourmet Habanero Pork Tamales - One DozenGourmet Habanero Pork Tamales - One DozenOne dozen Spicy Habanero Pork Tamales. Hot Tamales!
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Habanero Pork TamalesSix habanero pork tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Big Tex Tamales - 8 PackBig Tex Tamales - 8 PackEverything in Texas is Big, and these 1/3 pound Tamales are no exception!  These tamales are 5 oz each, twice our regular size.
 (Limited during Holidays)
Gourmet Beef Tamales - One DozenGourmet Beef Tamales - One DozenTamales with Beef from Texas -- you can't beat that!
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Beef TamalesSix delicious homemade beef tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Gourmet Habanero Beef Tamales - One DozenGourmet Habanero Beef Tamales - One DozenHabanero Heat... Beef... Hot... Yum!
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Habanero Beef TamalesSix habanero beef tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Gourmet Chicken Tamales - One DozenGourmet Chicken Tamales - One DozenBuy the Number One Chicken Tamale in Texas.  Well, North America too!
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Chicken TamalesSix savory homemade chicken tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Gourmet Habanero Chicken Tamales - One DozenGourmet Habanero Chicken Tamales - One DozenLet our SPICY Hot Chicken Tamales fire up your taste buds! Spicy Factor: 8 on a scale of 1 to 10
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Habanero Chicken TamalesSix savory SPICY HOT habanero chicken tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Gourmet Black Bean and Cheese Vegetarian Tamales - One DozenGourmet Black Bean and Cheese Vegetarian Tamales - One DozenBuy these Black Bean and Cheese Tamales for Vegetarians and Vegans (ok, if they cheat a little), or just surprise the Meat Lovers!
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Black Bean and Cheese TamalesSix vegetarian black bean and cheese tamales, vacuum-sealed.
Gourmet Black Bean VEGAN Tamales - One DozenGourmet Black Bean VEGAN Tamales - One DozenA True VEGAN Black Bean Tamale.
One Half-Dozen (6) Gourmet Black Bean VEGAN TamalesSix VEGAN black bean tamales, vacuum-sealed.
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