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Long Transit Agreement
We’re one of the very few companies who will take the time, effort, and risk to ship APO orders.

Thank you 

Please understand there is a risk that your package could be held up longer than normal
We've had good success at shipping APO's, but there are times where they don't make it in time.

Sometimes this is due to certain locations, or certain other things (heightened security levels) that are out of our control, shipments will not arrive within the expected time.

(Things that could increase the time)
1) If Priority Mail shipments to your location taken longer than 8 days 
2) Security Level is currently increased

Thank you for your interest in our products, and most importantly, for the service and protection that you provide us! 
We do ship to most APO/Military addresses; however, we usually ask a few questions before we can ship an order.
  1. How long does it take for packages to arrive via USPS Priority Mail? We typically see packages arrive anywhere from 7-10 days.  Is that the case for you?
  2. It’s recommended that orders placed, meet a 15-20 lb. minimum. However, you can purchase no less than 5 lb., but it will cost you more in shipping cost.  What is the volume that you are considering?
  3. Would you agree to the following?
Please note that almost all the monetary risk is on you, and if your order does not make it there in time to be edible, we can give you only 50% of the value of the products (order Sub-Total) in store credit, and that unfortunately is all the liability we can take on this, due to USPS policies on claims and appeals on APO packages.

8 days or less in transit, we can give you 

Through the years, we have improved our packaging process, and pack all orders with enough Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs and dry ice to last 7-10 days in transit.  We’ve been doing this for our military folks for many years, and hope to continue doing so.
We will wait for your response, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
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